In April, 2018, I spent 12 days in Spain and (surprise!) I took a lot of pictures!!  I went to Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.

So nice!  

The first bunch of shots are from Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  I know.. kinda cliche.. as there are thousands of photos of this place taken every hour of every day but 

 It's pretty damn spectacular.

This SPAIN section will be, like Sagrada Familia itself, permanently under construction.  

SPAIN 2018 - THE (3 minute) MOVIE

Our flight attendant on the flight in was originally from Madrid and recommended a place for authentic Flamenco dancing.  ESSENTIAL FLAMENCO - Google it!  They perform in a brick cellar that seats about 50.  It was a cold, rainy weekday night and there were 10 of us in the audience.  They played to us like we were 10,000.  All acoustic.. they absolutely blew us away.  It was SO fun!  MUST GO if you're ever lucky enough to be in Madrid.